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We are often asked what makes a candy a "truffle." Basically, a truffle is ganache (a mixture of melted chocolate and heavy cream) covered with chocolate. The chocolate may be dark, milk or white, and the ganache may be flavored with various liqueur flavors or extracts. Some have added ingredients, such as chopped nuts or coconut.

They are truly a little piece of heaven! We have put together several different assortments of the most popular mini-truffles and dessert-size (1.5–2 oz.) truffles available in our shop.


Assorted Mini-Truffles

9-Piece Gift Box $11.00
Type of Chocolate
12-Piece Acetate Gift Box (pictured) $14.50
Type of Chocolate
36-Piece Box $42.00
Type of Chocolate

Assorted Dessert Size Truffles

4-Piece Box $12.00
Type of Chocolate
8-Piece Box $24.00
Type of Chocolate
12-Piece Box $36.00
Type of Chocolate