Dundee Candy Shop
2112 Bardstown Road
Louisville, KY 40205


Our History

Dundee Candy Shop has been a Louisville tradition since 1946 when Irma Issler, a German native, opened its doors. In her shop on Dundee Road, she brought together the sweet treasures of the best European confectioners—candies from the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. The result was a local success story, and Irma's chocolates quickly gained a reputation as Louisville's best.

Through the years, the shop was owned by Shirley Carey, and later, by Volindah Costabell. Maria Moore, the current proprietor, and her staff strive to maintain the shop's valued tradition by continuing to offer quality products and a personal touch. Today the shop is at 2112 Bardstown Road, just around the corner from its original location.